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  • Falcon CM, SM Kaeppler, EP Spalding, ND Miller, N Alkhalifah, M Bohn, ES Buckler, I Ciampitti, J Edwards, D Ertl, S Flint-Garcia, MA Gore, C Graham, CN Hirsch, JB Holland, D Jarquín, J Knoll, N Lauter, EC Lee, CJ Lawrence-Dill, A Lorenz, JP Lynch, SC Murray, R Nelson, T Rocheford, PS Schnable, M Smith, NM Springer, MR Tuinstra, R Walton, RJ Wisser, W Xu, N de Leon (2019) Relative utility of agronomic, phenological, and morphological traits for assessing genotype-by-environment interaction in maize inbreds. Crop Sci, in press.
    [ Impact Factor: 1.6 ]
  • Li M, L Cao, M Mwimba, Y Zhou, L Li, M Zhou, PS Schnable, JA O'Rourke, X Dong, W Wang (2019) Comprehensive mapping of abiotic stress inputs into the soybean circadian clock. PNAS, in press.
    [ Impact Factor: 9.6 ]
  • Knauer S*, M Javelle*, L Li, X Li, X Ma, K Wimalanathan, S Kumari, R Johnston, S Leiboff, RB Meeley, PS Schnable, D Ware, CJ Lawrence-Dill, J Yu, GJ Muehlbauer, MJ Scanlon, MCP Timmermans (2019) Natural variation in molecular circuitries underlying maize shoot meristem function drives key architectural traits. Genome Res, in press.
    [ Impact Factor: 9.9 ]
  • Kamruzzaman M, A Kalyanaraman, B Krishnamoorthy, S Hey, PS Schnable (2019) Hyppo-x: a scalable exploratory framework for analyzing complex phenomics data. IEEE/ACM Trans Comput Biol Bioinform, in press.
    [ Impact Factor: 2.4 ]
  • Li YH, D Li, YQ Jiao, JC Schnable, YF Li, H Li, HZ Chen, HL Hong, T Zhang, B Liu, ZX Liu, QB You, Y Tian, Y Guo, RX Guan, LJ Zhang, RZ Chang, Z Zhang, J Reif, XA Zhou, PS Schnable, LJ Qiu (2019) Identification of loci controlling adaptation in chinese soya bean landraces via a combination of conventional and bioclimatic GWAS. Plant Biotechnol J, in press. doi:10.1111/pbi.13206
    [ Abstract | PMID: 31278885 | Impact Factor: 6.8 ]
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