Invited Seminar Speakers

Cereal Genomics and Opportunities for Yield Improvement

Dr. Peter Langridge

Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics

Oct 21, 2009

Double Haploids in Hybrid Maize Breeding

Dr. Andrés Gordillo

AgReliant Genetics

Jul 2, 2009

Of Mice and Maize: High density microarrays facilitate nucleotide resolution of genetic variation

Dr. Jeffrey Jeddeloh

Roche NimbleGen, Inc.

May 28, 2009

Analyses of Early Events in Maize Leaf Development

Dr. Michael Scanlon

Cornell University

Oct 29, 2004

Some Principles for the Design and Analysis of Experiments using Gene Expression Arrays and Other High-Throughput Assay Methods

Dr. David Rocke

University of California, Davis

Jul 8, 2004

Specification of Abaxial and Adaxial Polarity in Maize

Dr. Marja Timmermans

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Jul 8, 2004

Getting to the Good Stuff - An Investigation of Gene Recovery and Biases Observed in Two Reduced Representation Sequencing Techniques when Applied to the Genome of Zea Mays.

Dr. Brad Barbazuk

University of Florida

Apr 29, 2004

The GMOD Suite of Genome Database Tools

Dr. Lincoln Stein

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Mar 20, 2004

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