Lab Protocols

    Protocol Name PDF
    Increasing Mu active stocks 306 KB
    Transposon Tagging (Schnable, P.S., R. Wise, B.J. Nikolau. 1992. Transposon tagging agronomically important loci in maize. Proceedings, 28th Annual Illinois Corn Breeder's School, pp. 24-45) 1.9 MB
    Genotyping by Multiplexing Amplicon Sequencing (GBMAS) 193 KB
    Activated Charcoal Germination Protocol 479 KB
    Digestion Ligation Amplification (DLA) Protocol 212 KB
    96-Well Format DNA Extraction Protocol for Freeze-Dried Maize Seedling Leaves 239 KB
    Dellaporta DNA Extraction Protocol 118 KB
    Growing 14-Day Old Maize Seedlings 92 KB
    Paraffin Sectioning for LCM 193 KB
    Cryosectioning for LCM 217 KB
    T7 RNA Polymerase-Based RNA Amplification 208 KB
    cDNA Microarray Hybridization 173 KB
    Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Microarray Data 76 KB
    Isolation of Plasmids for HTP Sequencing 80 KB
    HTP Sequencing 40 KB
    LCM Fixation and Cryoprotection 60 KB
    Temperature Gradient Capillary Electrophoresis (TGCE) 124 KB
    In Situ Hybridisation as a Tool to Study the Role of miRNAs in Plant Development 140 KB
    Degenerate primer design and RT-PCR 264 KB
    Quantitative RT-PCR Protocol (SYBR GREEN I) 236 KB