Dr. Ruilian Zhou

Former Research Support Scientist


  • Ph.D., Lanzhou University, China, 1997


  • Research Support Scientist, Schnable Lab, Jan 2004-Dec 2006


* Authors contributed equally to the article
  • Brooks III L, J Strable, X Zhang, K Ohtsu, R Zhou, A Sarkar, S Hargreaves, RJ Elshire, D Eudy, T Pawlowska, D Ware, D Janick-Buckner, B Buckner, MC Timmermans, PS Schnable, D Nettleton, MJ Scanlon (2009) Microdissection of shoot meristem functional domains. PLoS Genet, in press.
    [ Abstract | Full Text PDF | Supplemental Materials | doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1000476 | PMID: 19424435 | Cited 64 times ]
  • Ohtsu K, MB Smith, SJ Emrich, LA Borsuk, R Zhou, T Chen, X Zhang, MC Timmermans, J Beck, B Buckner, D Janick-Buckner, D Nettleton, MJ Scanlon, PS Schnable (2007) Global gene expression analysis of the shoot apical meristem of maize (Zea Mays L.). Plant J, in press.
    [ Abstract | Full Text PDF | doi:10.1111/j.1365-313X.2007.03244.x | PMID: 17764504 | Cited 141 times ] Faculty1000 Recommeded Article