Qing Zhou

Former Graduate Student


  • B.S., Biology, Henan Normal University, 1987
  • M.S., Academia Sinica, 1990
  • M.S., Interdepartmental Genetics, Iowa State University, 1998


  • Assistant Researcher, Academia Sinica, 1990-1994
  • Technician, Dekalb Genetics and Novartis/Syngenta, 1998-2003
  • Research Associate, BASF, Research Triangle Park, 2003-Present


* Authors contributed equally to the article
  • Yandeau-Nelson MD, Q Zhou, H Yao, X Xu, BJ Nikolau, PS Schnable (2005) MuDR transposase increases the frequency of meiotic crossovers in the vicinity of a Mu insertion in the maize a1 gene. Genetics, in press.
    [ Abstract | Full Text PDF | doi:10.1534/genetics.104.035089 | PMID: 15489518 ]
  • Yao H, Q Zhou, J Li, H Smith, MD Yandeau-Nelson, BJ Nikolau, PS Schnable (2002) Molecular characterization of meiotic recombination across the 140-kb multigenic a1-sh2 interval of maize. PNAS, in press.
    [ Abstract | Full Text PDF | doi:10.1073/pnas.082562199 | PMID: 11959909 | Cited 110 times ] Faculty1000 Recommeded Article