Marna Yandeau-Nelson

Former Graduate Student


  • B.S., Biology, Drake University, 1998
  • Ph.D., Interdepartmental Genetics, Iowa State University, 2005


  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Penn State University, Guiltinan Lab, 2005-Present


* Authors contributed equally to the article
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  • Yandeau-Nelson MD, BJ Nikolau, PS Schnable (2006) Effects of trans-acting genetic modifiers on meiotic recombination across the a1-sh2 interval of maize. Genetics, in press.
    [ Abstract | Full Text PDF | doi:10.1534/genetics.105.049270 | PMID: 16816431 ] Faculty1000 Recommeded Article
  • Yandeau-Nelson MD, Y Xia, J Li, MG Neuffer, PS Schnable (2006) Unequal sister chromatid and homolog recombination at a tandem duplication of the a1 locus in maize. Genetics, in press.
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