Dr. An-Ping Hsia

Consigliere/Assistant Scientist III


  • BVM, Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, 1989
  • Ph.D., Interdepartmental Genetics, Iowa State University, 1995


  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Academia Sinica, 1995-1996
  • Lab Manager, Schnable Lab, 1996-2004
  • Consigliere/Assistant Scientist III, Schnable Lab, 2004-Present



* Authors contributed equally to the article
  • Liu S, AP Hsia, PS Schnable (2013) Digestion-ligation-amplification (DLA): a simple genome walking method to amplify unknown sequences flanking mutator (Mu) transposons and thereby facilitate gene cloning. Methods Mol Biol, 1057: 167-176.
    [ Abstract | Full Text PDF | doi:10.1007/978-1-62703-568-2_12 | PMID: 23918428 ]
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